Wholesome Foods for Your Family

Wholesome, healthy food alternatives, raised outdoors in a free-range, natural environment.

Your Local, Sustainable, Family-Owned and Operated Farm.

Raising pastured poultry with a commitment to providing a high-quality, healthy product in a manner that respects God's creation since 1996.

Pickup Your Fresh Chicken For 2016!

Our fresh chicken and turkey are available at the farm on the day of processing, or at one of our convenient pickup locations the next day. Since last year! You can come pickup 10 or less of each chicken product (ie: Whole, Wings, Livers.) without pre-ordering. If you are ordering more than 10 of each chicken product, or any amount turkeys you must pre-order. For more information go to the Location and Info tabs.

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Your Growers

Jim & Judy Jo, and Isaac - During 19+ years of raising poultry on pasture, we have refined our feed and poultry shelters in a way that sets us apart from most other producers...

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